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Highly Qualified

Michael Cernyar's success as a criminal defense attorney is acknowledged by his peers and many legal organizations starting when Michael was with the Cochram Firm in 2005. Below are some of his most recent awards.

  • -- 2014 National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers award in criminal defense;
  • -- 2014 Top Criminal Lawyer in California award recognized as the Highest in Ethical Standards and Professional Excellence.
  • -- 2014 Perfect AVVO rating of 10.0.
  • -- 2014 AVVO's Top Contributor award.
  • -- 2013 AVVO's Client's Choice award.
  • -- 2013 Top Criminal Lawyer in California award recognized as the Highest in Ethical Standards and Professional Excellence.
  • -- 2013 Top Criminal Lawyer in California award recognized as the Highest in Ethical Standards and Professional Excellence.
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Practice Areas

Michael Cernyar is a clever attorney that has successfully defended individuals & companies accused of a wide range of criminal acts. The most common offenses are:

  • -- Misdemeanors, such as DUI, domestic violence, hit and run, shoplifting, identity theft, assault, battery, drunk in public & petty theft;
  • -- Economic offenses such as fraud, theft, burglary, and robbery;
  • -- Protecting Victim's Rights, including the victim's right not to testify in domestic violence cases;
  • -- Computer crimes such as cyber stalking, cyber harassment, revenge porn, hacking, spoofing & unauthorized access;
  • -- Violent offenses such as homicide, rape, sex crimes, and arson;
  • -- and Drug offenses such as possession, medical marijuana, sales, etc.

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Thank you for considering our firm. For over 10 years we have successfully represented hundreds of clients in criminal matters from murder to shoplifting. We wish to offer our success and expertise to your matter.

If you are wrongfully accused, then you may find that you are stymied by a system that would preferably convict the wrongfully accused than admit a mistake. Every case has flaws. Michael Cernyar has the wisdom to discover and exploit the serious and significant flaws in your case.

Attorney Michael Cernyar has years of experience in the Long Beach, Century City and the Newport Beach areas and is well acquainted with the courthouses, the judges and the prosecutors in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. With this experience and knowledge, he understands how the system works and strategizes accordingly. As a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and a Top Criminal Lawyer in California, Michael offers his clients the determination and success needed to get the best results possible.
Michael K. Cernyar, Esq.
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Background & Principles

How Is Long Beach Courthouse Different?

If there are allegations that you committed a crime in Long Beach, San Pedro, Wilmington or the unincorporated area of Torrance, it is likely that your matter will be heard in the Long Beach courthouse. The Long Beach courthouse is one of the more conservative courthouses in the area. It is likely that you will be serving hard jail time if convicted. Recently a young man charged with drunk in public was sentenced to 60 days in jail and a court order that bars him from traveling to certain parts of Long Beach. Long Beach is a tough court.

If you retain a Long Beach criminal lawyer who knows the courthouse well, then there is a better chance to have your case dismissed or a sentence reduced to no jail time. Many Long Beach criminal lawyers provide free consultation so meeting with a respectable Long Beach criminal lawyer is likely to improve your opportunity for a dismissal or a reduced sentence which will affect your present and future quality of life. A defendant in the courthouse needs the expertise of a strong Long Beach defense attorney.

Your Long Beach defense lawyer should be experienced in criminal law and cognizant not only of the law, but also the personalities and individuals involved in their local cases. It may be extremely helpful when your lawyer is known and respected in the local courts by judges and prosecutors, which may make the difference between dismissal, jail time and acquittal.

Long Beach Courthouse Address

The Long Beach Courthouse is located at 275 Magnolia, on the corner of Broadway and Magnolia in downtown Long Beach.