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Having Your Case Dismissed Is My Highest Priority

Loud, obnoxious, belligerent attorneys may intimidate non-attorneys, but they don't frighten prosecutors, judges or jurors. You're goal is to get the other side to switch to your side. In order for that to happen you will need: an intelligent and persuasive attorney; a well prepared attorney who knows the case better than anyone else in the courtroom; and an attorney with charm. No one switches to a side they don't respect.


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I started this law practice more than 13 years ago wanting to make a difference. I wanted to help people, regular everyday folks that suffered injustice. I wanted to build a law firm being the very best trial lawyer in the country to help protect people.

And I wanted to ensure that this office did something every day to make this world a better place for all of us, including my child and your loved ones. I am very proud to say that it's what this firm has been able to do.

What makes this office different than other law offices is that I am a trial lawyer. This office is set up to go to trial on behalf of our clients and I do it all the time. I am the type of lawyer that gets in front of the jury and asks for justice. And the results prove that I do it well.

I have put together a team second to none. I'm a member of The National Trial Lawyers, Top 100 Trial Lawyers, I'm ranked 10 Best in California, and I’m ranked 3 Best Southern California. From top to bottom this office strives to be the very best in the courtroom. I'm very proud of what this office does every day.

I can meet with you at no charge to assess the charges, analyze the police report, respond to any questions or concerns that you may have and discuss with you the next steps to ensure the finest practical result. Even if we are not a fit and decide not to work together, you will be well-prepared to retain the right attorney for you.

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Areas of practice

Clients' Testimonials

  • -- Great Attorney Mr. Cernyar and his firm did an outstanding job with understanding and handling my case. I'm a veteran of the US Marines of 8 years, and didn't discover that I had a warrant up until a month or so ago. The experience was so stressful for me and my family because we had nowhere else to turn, and was running out of cash very quickly. From the initial consultation on the phone, Mr. Cernyar put me at ease that the situation could be taken care of. Within a day or so he sent me the retainer agreement which explained his fees and payment options. Let me just say that I'm not an educated man, but I do know how to treat people, and I know when someone has a good heart. I would like to personally thank Mr. Cernyar for communicating with me constantly during the process, and for responding to my emails and/or phone calls in a very timely fashion. Thank you!!!! - TJ
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    Super Lawyer beat the pants off the Prosecutor & the Judge-WINS unanimously in less than 40 minutes of Jury deliberation.
    YES, I highly recommend Michael as a Super Lawyer. Michael took my case to the full jury trial because the issue was politically sensitive and he beat the pants off the Prosecutor & the Judge, so much the prosecutor commented such and shook his hand at the end. WINS unanimously in less than 40 minutes of Jury deliberation... Shawn Paul
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    Thank you Michael Cernyar
    Unfortuantely I was in a situation where I needed to hire Michael Kevin Cernyar regarding cybercrime that happened to me personally. Mr. Cernyar was very knowledgable in this field and had my case rectified and closed within weeks. I highly recommend Michael Kevin Cernyar. IC
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    Responsive and Knowledgeable
    I did not hire Mr. Cernyar because of my issues were in small claims court where you can not be represented by an attorney. He give me his full attention and benefit of his experience during our hour free consultation and provided me with guidance as I moved forward. He would be my first choice when I am in need of an attorney in the future. Gayle
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    Internet Extortion Case
    When I thought my case was impossible, Michael came to the rescue. His knowledge of internet forensics is beyond impressive. I cannot thank him and his team enough for all of their hard work. Courtney

Great Results

Long Beach's finest attorney gets proven results by thinking outside the box. Anybody can say anything about anyone but does their behavior match their words?

  • -- Client was accused by the City of Newport Beach and facing time in jail. After prosecution's case in chief the judge dismissed the case.
  • -- Client charged with armed robbery. Client was acquitted despite being identified by victim and client had victim's belongings when captured.
  • -- Malibu murder case – murder charges dismissed at prelim.
  • -- Client wrongfully charged with cyberstalking and harassment. Charges dismissed at prelim.
  • -- Client charged with attempted murder after stabbing wife over 30 times and admitted such on the stand. Jury refused to convict.
  • -- Drug sales case dismissed at prelim.
  • -- Domestic violence case dismissed at prelim.
  • -- Witness tampering case dismissed at prelim.

Hard Working Attorney

One of the hardest working attorneys around. He graduated from college with a 3.63 gpa in Economics while working full-time. A graduate of Loyola Law School's night program, which is ranked 5th in the country. First place in Lexis-Nexis legal research competition.

  • -- In high school, worked in a steel mill after school hours and still finished in the top 7% in the country.
  • -- Purdue University offered an academic scholarship with a 4.0 gpa.
  • -- Graduated with honors in Economics at Long Beach State University. Member of Golden Key National Honor Society and Omicron Delta Epsilon, the International Honor Society in Economics.
  • -- At Loyola Law School, Michael was the recipient of the Lexis-Nexis legal research competition and participated in Scott Moot Court.

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Jurors Love Him

Studies have shown that jurors like tall and sophisticated criminal defense attorneys. Michael Cernyar is 6'4" tall and sophisticated. The study must be true -- look at the results:

  • -- 2015 National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers award in criminal defense;
  • -- 2015 10 Best Attorneys in California.
  • -- 2015 Three Best Rated in Southern California.
  • -- 2015 Top Criminal Lawyer in California award recognized as the Highest in Ethical Standards and Professional Excellence.
  • -- 2015 Perfect AVVO rating of 10.0.
  • -- 2015 AVVO's Top Contributor award.
  • -- 2015 AVVO's Client's Choice award.
  • -- 2014 Top Criminal Lawyer in California award recognized as the Highest in Ethical Standards and Professional Excellence.
  • -- 2013 Top Criminal Lawyer in California award recognized as the Highest in Ethical Standards and Professional Excellence.

Background & Principles

How Is Long Beach Courthouse Different?

If there are allegations that you committed a crime in Long Beach, San Pedro, Wilmington or the unincorporated area of Torrance, it is likely that your matter will be heard in the Long Beach courthouse. The Long Beach courthouse is one of the more conservative courthouses in the area. It is likely that you will be serving hard jail time if convicted. Recently a young man charged with drunk in public was sentenced to 60 days in jail and a court order that bars him from traveling to certain parts of Long Beach. Long Beach is a tough court.

If you retain a Long Beach criminal lawyer who knows the courthouse well, then there is a better chance to have your case dismissed or a sentence reduced to no jail time. Many Long Beach criminal lawyers provide free consultation so meeting with a respectable Long Beach criminal lawyer is likely to improve your opportunity for a dismissal or a reduced sentence which will affect your present and future quality of life. A defendant in the courthouse needs the expertise of a strong Long Beach defense attorney.

Your Long Beach defense lawyer should be experienced in criminal law and cognizant not only of the law, but also the personalities and individuals involved in their local cases. It may be extremely helpful when your lawyer is known and respected in the local courts by judges and prosecutors, which may make the difference between dismissal, jail time and acquittal.

Long Beach Courthouse Address

The Long Beach Courthouse is located at 275 Magnolia, on the corner of Broadway and Magnolia in downtown Long Beach.

If you are wrongfully accused, then you may find that you are stymied by a system that would preferably convict the wrongfully accused than admit a mistake. Every case has flaws. Michael Cernyar has the wisdom to discover and exploit the serious and significant flaws in your case.

Attorney Michael Cernyar has years of experience in the Long Beach, Century City and the Newport Beach areas and is well acquainted with the courthouses, the judges and the prosecutors in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. With this experience and knowledge, he understands how the system works and strategizes accordingly. As a Top 100 Trial Lawyer and a Top Criminal Lawyer in California, Michael offers his clients the determination and success needed to get the best results possible.